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Monday, 12 August 2013

What I Wore: Orange to a Friend's Wedding

The last Saturday we've been to a friend's wedding. I did not think about what to wear for a long time, I relied on my trusted orange dress from Mango and a nude Zara blazer. It's good to have a piece of clothing that you can always rely on, no matter how little you are able or willing to think about what to wear to a certain occasion. And this orange dress, which I got something like two years ago, is a piece like that.

I dyed my hair a couple of days ago with my tried and trusted drugstore hair colour that I'd like to write an extra post about, because I think it's worth some attention if you are a fan of home hair alchemy :), which I am. A fresh hair colour always makes me feel like a "new" person, even if the colour change is not that dramatic :).

orange Mango dress
nude Zara blazer
orange and gold Accessorize clutch
orange Lindex statement necklace 
nude Bata heels
Have you got a piece of clothing that you can always wear to a special occasion, if you are just too lazy to think about it twice :)?

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

What I Wore: Running Errands in Mint and Brown

This summer is really HOT. It's not a complaint, I am actually really happy that it's hot, because that's what the summer is for - to bring the lovely sunny weather that does not come around very frequently for the rest of the year.

This is what I wore today while running some errands around the city. A couple of comfortable clothe pieces and a (messy) bun, because there is no way I could survive with my hair down in these temperatures. I also avoided wearing more jewellery than necessary (yes, I things earring are a necessity :D), because I couldn't be bothered with more sweating "body surfaces" than it was inevitable.
aqua Timeout top 
mint F&F see through top with embellishment
brown NAF NAF three-quarter trousers 
F&F canvas and metallic bag
Michael Kors silver-rose gold-navy watch
nude Deichmann studded sandals
... and my new Hello Kitty iPhone case :). Yes, I like cute childish and kitschy things here and there ;).
 Until next time... :).