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Monday, 16 September 2013

Late Summer Fashion Buys

I can't repeat this often enough, but I totally miss summer. I planned to write a couple of summer-related posts, but since the Indian Summer is (from the most part) nowhere to be seen and it often looks more like mid-November outside, I don't feel like blogging about summer-related stuff. This is going to be my last post of the Summer of 2013 (how many times can you say "summer" in two sentences, so that it doesn't look like you have no imagination at all... :) and then let's move on to the new season.
summer 2013
I don't know if it happens to you as well, but I always get some clothes at the end of a season, in sales or just when the seasons (and weather) change and these pieces don't see the light of a day until the next summer or winter or whatever time they are suitable for. If you would like to see such a stuff I got during the last August days, read on.

This straw and neon yellow bag from F&F was reduced to 12.50 € and it's a shame that I did not find it sooner, because I was looking for a bag like this during the whole summer to complement my Zara sandals (in the picture above). Since I consider it very much a summer bag, it will wait for me until the next warm days.
I know that neon don't have to be big in a couple of months, but if I like something, I don't care if it's "in fashion" or not :). Neon in an outfit can sometimes look a bit cheap, when not done right, but the nude/neon yellow combo is somehow classy, when worn wisely.
Here are a couple of dresses and a maxi skirt that I got during August - I really like them all and the bonus - they were from a big part on sale and I love to get things I love for (sometimes) next to nothing :).
F&F black and white  dress (8€), F&F yellow and white floral dress in a 50's style (21€), mint pleated dress (25€), pale taupe maxi skirt (9€), pink and gold antique style maxi dress, gold and taupe strapless maxi dress

Do you buy things to wear towards the end of a season, knowing, that you won't wear them for at least a couple of months? Or do you only get what you can make use of at the given moment?

Saturday, 14 September 2013

August 2013 Favorites: Beauty Products

I am wayyyyy too late with my August beauty favorites - the current temperatures don't remind me of Summer in the slightest, but it would be a pity not to refer about some of my Summer favorite beauty products. Because they deserve it as much as the July's ones did :).

There are five brushes in the bunch that I use a lot nowadays and that are worth mentioning (and I am sorry that they are pictured in a pre-clean state):
- Real Techniques Buffing Brush - I use this to apply my foundation. I used to use the stippling brush from Real Techniques, which works very well too, but this denser buffing brush looks to deliver even better results when it comes to achieving a flawless look. It might also depend on the actual condition of my skin and the foundation, but the buffing brush works very well with my recently most used Dermacol Caviar Long Stay foundation.
- Real Techniques Duo-fiber Contour Brush - I was not a big fan of these limited edition Real Techniques brushes when I first got them. They looked to be not dense enough to work for me. But then I watched on of Alix's videos where she mentioned one of these brushes and how well they work for light application of make-up products and it turned out this brush is a perfect match for Chanel Tan de Soleil. It helps me to apply it with a light hand and that's a key. Because sometimes too much of Chanel is just too much :). Who would think I'd come to say something like this one day :).
- Sigma Angled Top Kabuki F84 - I used to use this one to apply the mentioned Chanel Tan de Soleil, but it often turned out to deliver a too intense effect. I use to use it with powder bronzers now and use it as a contour brush, because the angled and very dense brush head helps to achieve a nicely defined look, but since the synthetic fibers don't pick up so much of powdery products, it helps not to overdo the look.
- Sigma Tapered Kabuki F86 - this one is my very favorite brush for blending under-eye concealer. It fits the under-eye area perfectly and helps to get the job done in no time.
- Sigma Eye Liner E11 - now finallyyyyyy a great brush for gel eyeliners... The reason why this brush is the best one I've ever used for applying a gel eyeliner is the fact how thin this brush is. The truth is, that all the other eyeliner brushes, angled or not, I've used so far, are way too thick for my eyes, especially when I need to achieve a nice thin line. This one brush is puuurfect for this purpose and it lets me draw a winged line without tucking my eye corner, which I otherwise have to do. I know, it's a make-up no-no :)...

L'oreal eyeliners are another product that I enjoy using a lot nowadays. I used to use the MAC Blacktrack gel eyeliner, but I find this L'oreal Gel Intenza Eyeliner in Pure Black (01) to be more intense and blacker than the MAC one, so since having this one, I haven't used the MAC one again. To achieve more eyeliner looks and play around with them, I've got three different felt-tip eyeliners as well - L'oreal Super Liner Black Lacquer (vinyl shine, extreme wear), L'oreal Super Liner Blackbuster (extra black marker eyeliner - longwear) and L'oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim (slim felt tip eyeliner, precise and intense line). These are amazing for playing around with different eyeliner looks, they are easy to use and nicely intense in colour. Recommended!

Benefit mascara They're Real! I only have a mini version of the real thing from the Primping With the Stars make-up kit, but when I have the chance (the Benefit cosmetics is not available here around), I'll definitely get the full-sized one. It lengthens and separates the lashes veeeery nicely and they look pretty full. What else to ask from a mascara...?

Garnier Dark Spot Corrector promises to eliminate dark spots and unevenness of one's skin. I don't know about that, need to use it a bit longer than the couple of weeks I do now, but this is a nicely moisturizing cream with vitamin C, which leaves the skin hydrated and prepared for make-up application. So two thumbs up for this one.

Gosh Velvet Touch Line Perfector (Primer) - This is one of the moussey face primers that leave your skin nice and smooth for a better make-up application. This one promises to "fill in deeper wrinkles and create a beautiful flawless finish to the skin" and even help "to decrease appearance of wrinkles and facial imperfections like small acne scars". I have never had any major problems with my skin, like acne, but I am slowly (or not so slowly :) getting some mimic lines and so this sounds like a good remedy for this First World problem. If it actually diminishes this "problem", or not, I don't know, but it feels good to think it does :). And isn't the cosmetics industry often just about this? :)  

Dermacol SelfTan Lotion promises natural tan within 6 hours after application and that with a moisturizing effect and I think it actually does what it promises. On top of that, the lotion smells like chocolate and oranges, so what's not to like! I use to apply it with a mitt from the same company as this self-tanner and they work together really nicely. 

The last one is the oldie but goodie - Beauty Blender. I have it for ages and although it works well, I don't use it often enough. But in the middle of the Summer, my skin got somehow dry and patchy and one day after I applied my foundation, my face ended up looking like under a mask. I stippled the wet Beauty Blender all over my face and it really saved my dully looking face and I ended up with a nicely natural look. I revisit the Beauty Blender more often since then and so it deserves a place among my August '13 favorites as well.

Wheeeeew. That's it for today. 

Hope you experience a much better weather than my recent 15 rainy degrees of Celsius... I want the Summer baaaaack!

Until next time... :).

Friday, 6 September 2013

What I Wore: Turquoise Handbag

I am completing yesterday's short post on how to wear a turquoise handbag with a couple of pictures showing how I actually wore it today. The weather turned out to be too warm for a leather jacket, but I am too lazy to drag things around in my hands, so it stayed on :). 

For a short recapitulation :), these are my suggestions on how to wear a turquoise handbag...
... and this is my today's take on it :):


H&M white peplum top
Zara nude peplum leather jacket
(no name) blue jeans
(no name) turquoise handbag (bought in Croatia)
Michael Kors rose gold watch
H&M faux leather rope bracelets
(no name) flower and belt bracelets
(no name) gold and turquoise necklace
(no name) sunglasses
on my nails: Rimmel Salon PRO Punk Rock 711

If you would like to see more of my "How to Wear..." ideas, you can follow me on Polyvore or come back to my blog, where I plan to continue with "How to Wear..." posts on a regular basis ;).

Until soon :)...