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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Happy Halloween

I am a very lousy blogger lately, but my 9 months old son Adam has made the decision that it's about time to learn to walk (apparently, crawling and pure standing is not so much fun anymore), so I have to keep an eye on him for most of the time and don't have much spare time for a lot of "me" activities (like blogging). That's why I am writing at least this very short post - to say Happy Halloween and let's hope for more time (or better time management?) in the future! (If you are interested in more frequent updates from my life, you can also follow me on Instagram or Twitter ;)!

Happy Scary Halloween :)!

Monday, 14 October 2013

What I Wore: Oversize Cardigans

It's been a while. Too much to do, had a cold, more things to do... You know... So just let's get right to the point - two of my recent autumn (fall) outfits featuring oversize cardigans. 

I wore this black and white cardigan to run some errands on a Saturday. I combined it with a pair of dark blue jeans, Dune suede wedge trainers, a fringe bag (Orsay), a black and white scarf and a knitted beret (Pieces).
Yesterday was another day that I wore an oversize cardigan. This time I went for a layering look in an army style and threw a forest green parka over the cardigan as it got a bit chilly.

I-don't-want-to-do-this face expression :)
H&M pale grey dress with faux leather trims
C&A short-sleeved cardigan
Mango belt (recent season)
black leggins
infinity scarf in the color oatmeal
Mango forest green parka
ivory knitted beret
Carpisa bag
Michael Kors watch

There is something friendly and cozy feeling about big chunky sweaters, it's just a pity that I can't wear them as outerwear often enough, because there is only a few days in a year with the right temperatures here around.

Until next time :)...