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Sunday, 23 March 2014

What I Wore This Week: Coats from Mango, H&M and Zara

I am starting this post with a picture that pretty much explains, why I do so few What I Wore posts - I usually look like this, my biggest accessory being some kind of a baby carrier with Adam in it :). And nobody around, well nobody older than 14 months :), to take a couple of pictures.

Let's move to the pictures where I don't have a baby glued to my body :). All these pictures were taken on the way to or from a baby-related activities, so when it comes to my outfits, I always have to make a compromise between style and comfort. My main goal is to look put together, but still be able to move comfortably when chasing Adam and playing with him.

I've always wanted to have a cozy looking camel coat, that would go with everything in my wardrobe. I love coats that have a really simple cut and can be wrapped around as a big cozy blanket, but still look like a million bucks. Since many of them also cost something like a million bucks, I did not see one that would fit the bill for ages. Then, a couple of months ago, I spotted this one in a Mango store. I wouldn't say that it is completely what I had always envisioned, but nonetheless, it is a perfect camel coat and every time I put it on, I feel like I look put together, even when I don't have time to pay much attention to the rest of my outfit.
Mango camel coat, H&M shirt dress, H&M beige-gold sweater, Promod jeggings, CCC orange bag with gold hardware, Pat Calvin leather boots

I've got this "marled coat" from H&M just recently. I was eying it for some time, thinking about how I really don't need another Spring coat, especially because nowadays, Spring only lasts for something like 3 days and then we have the full-on Summer season. But I liked it so much, that I eventually caved in and got it. The fabric that it's made of is a bit sturdy and I don't like the fact, that any hardware of a handbag pulls threads out of the fabric structure. So this is something you should know when thinking about getting it, but if you are careful enough with your handbags (which I am not),  I can recommend it.
H&M coat, H&M sweater (thrifted for 3€ and I think it was from a men's line:), Next bag, Zara statement necklace, Promod jeggings, Bata ankle boots in a snakeskin optic, Promod infinity scarf

The last outfit of this post was shot on a nice sunny day, that already felt like Spring and Summer all in one. And the (probably) cherry tree in the background of this picture is a lovely reminder, that (fingers crossed) there will be more of days like this in the short future. There is not much to say about this outfit, I think it is a typical transitional outfit - a breezy blouse and a light coat, mostly in light colours, so let's just leave it at that ;).
Zara coat, Zara blouse, Promod jeggings, Accessorize bag, Dune wedge sneakers, Michael Kors watch, (don't remember the origin of the necklace, it's pretty old)
 Until next time :)!

Monday, 3 March 2014

What I Wore - You're in the Army (Jacket) Now

The weather starts to seem all Spring-y, but the sun is still too weak to make me leave the house without a nicely warm jacket. I've got this one from Zara for my birthday a couple of weeks ago from my husband and it was exactly what I wanted - which is probably no shocker, since I explicitly told him what I wished for :D. As a big fashion connoisseur he thinks it's only good for a stroll in a forest - and on Sunday I wore it pretty much for that. 

The jacket has got faux leather sleeves and a detachable fur vest, which makes it perfect for colder days as well as the upcoming transitional season. The Crocs boots I've got recently remain to be my favorite pair of shoes of the moment, because they are amazingly warm and oh so comfortable.

Zara army green jacket (Fall-Winter 2013), Zara off-white vest (Fall-Winter 2013), Zara beige sweater, (old) Promod jeggings (current season), Crocs AllCast Luxe Duck boots (current season), Pieces knit hat (old), Carpisa bag (old)
"in action" with my 1-year old son Adam :)

Comfortable, but still chic. What is your favorite piece of clothing for an active day off, that is laid back, but still stylish?

Until next time ;).

Saturday, 1 February 2014

What I Wore - Crocs AllCast Luxe Duck Boots

Newsletter emails are dangerous stuff. They make me buy things even if I don't plan to. Like these Crocs AllCast Luxe Boots. 

They caught my eye as soon as I spotted them. The sneaky sale newsletter led me to the Crocs website, which said 30% off. I found an (actually really working!!) coupon code for another 20% off and that's how they found their way home - to me.

Before ordering, I googled them for some real-life pictures to see if they look like on the website - I always do that :). Unsurprisingly, I found some pictures of the Stylish Housewife wearing them with an army green jacket, which was my original idea of how to wear them. Even though the jacket I imagined was a much more wintery one.

The real-life pictures, the sale price and free shipping persuaded me to get a hazelnut/stucco pair and oh boy am I glad I did. These shoes are comfortable, warm and stylish - as far as a shoe containing rubber can be :).

They promise a lot - waterproof to stitching lines, made of premium leather, sealed seams add water-resistance above stitching lines, gusseted tongue helps keep out slush, full sheepskin lining, built on a Crocs sneaker platform for wear-all-day comfort, Croslite™ material base for comfort and cushioning and rubber outsole pods for improved traction.

I wear them constantly from the day I got them. There is some snow lying here and there in my city, occasional rain showers freeze during cold nights and these boots are really suitable for every terrain. 

And they look really good toooooo :).
navy blue Zara anorak, off-white Pieces knit hat, H&M jeans, Crocs AllCast Luxe Duck Boots

Hmmm, shoe heaven.

Until next time :)!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

I Love Stationery - Kikky K. It's ring bound organizers this time.

It's been a couple of weeks now that I had received a package with some lovely Kikki K. goodies (see the post here), but as I mentioned, I was still waiting for another package, which has (oh hoooray, finally) arrived the last week.

I know that I don't need three (more) planners. But I am one of these Filofax/ring bound organizers /cute notepads junkie and that might explain this purchase of mine a little bit better. Looking at them online, in all these lovely colours and then taking advantage of the pre-Christmas sale and free international shipping, I just couldn't stop myself from placing these three planners and a daily "Dreaming" notepad into the shopping cart. Generally, I love everything with the "Dreaming" theme on the Kikki K. website. The colours and pictures look so feel-good and, well, yeah, dreamy, that I just love looking at them. I don't even want to use the notepads I've got so far, because I don't want to run out of their paper :D.

I have moved into the mint planner immediately. I somehow prefer the elastic closure to a snap, because it gives me more space for my over-the-top crammed diary.

I was looking at the website to add links to the pink and fuchsia diaries too, but I just can't find them anymore. So I don't know if they are gone for good or will be restocked. For now, there is no mention whatsoever of their previous existence. Hmm.
Just FYI, the mint planners (in sizes large, medium and small) are on sale now, as well as the daily notepad in my pictures.
I have already moved into the mint planner, so it looks chaotic already. I also used some papers from the pink diary and moved them into the mint one, so the insides of these two don't reflect the state that they arrived in :).
fuchsia A5 leather planner - leather mint with dots medium-sized planner - pink "Dreaming" planner
fuchsia A5 leather planner
inside the fuchsia A5 planner
Aaaaah, so pretty.

And what about you? Are you a planner/organizer junkie as well? Have you got a favorite website selling cute stationery? Share with me if you like :)!

Until next time :).

Friday, 24 January 2014

Adam's One Year Birthday Cake

My son Adam turned one on January 16 and we celebrated his birthday the last Saturday. I am not sure when exactly I made the decision to bake his birthday cake on my own (instead of ordering by a professional), but I had this idea of a birthday cake with teddy bears on it in my mind for ages. About a week before the celebration date, I browsed the internet for some ideas and found these two pictures that I wanted to be a kind of an inspiration for what I wanted to do.

The fact is, that I had no idea what I was about to do. And that was probably a good thing, because it made me fearless when facing the challange of baking a decorated three-tiered cake without any experience or practice whatsoever :D.

I found three recipes for three different cakes (all with a kind of strawberry-mascarpone-whipped cream filling), got the needed stuff from a sugar craft store (white fondant, edible colours, two moulds) and five days before the celebration date I began to create the sugar paste teddies. I googled and found this tutorial on YouTube on how to make fondant teddy bears, which helped me a lot and I have to say, I had all the teddies (except of one) finished on the first evening of my working schedule. Yes, I had a (more or less) vague schedule on how to proceed, so that I have enough time for everything.

And here is the result of five nights with less sleep than I would have appreciated :). 

The cake was not perfect - needless to say, that I am not a professional baker, but I was quite happy with how it came out. There sure were some flaws and I just didn't have the skills to make them disappear, but overall, I think it ended up with a bigger success than I had expected. 

I made a bunch of cake pops using the same fondant as on the cake, as well as some cupcakes with coloured mascarpone cream on top, to match the cake. Everything I made was in pastel colours. I know that in a couple of years I will probably be making some red, blue and black Spider-man stuff, but at least for the first year, as Adam is still a baby, I wanted everything to look a kind of baby-like and dreamy :). 

At the end, I think that Adam was much happier about the smart tricycle he got, than the birthday cake I made for him :D, but I don't mind - the main thing is that he was happy and had a great day :)!

That's it for today.

See you soon :)!